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Trailrunning races with incredible vistas and an exceptional atmosphere
A stage race, half of which will take place in the Tassili des Ajjers and the Erg Admer dunes, to discover southern Algeria!
3 non stop races in the most beautiful desert in the world in self-sufficiency and self-navigation by GPS in the Ennedi of Chad. Hikers and supporters welcome.
Le Treg Ennedi in 3 episodes
3 trailrunning race for all levels of runners with self-navigation by GPS in the heart of the island of San Antao that will remind you of Reunion Island, Tuscany and the Canary Islands. The party will not be forgotten in this island that mixes South America and Africa.
The resume of the 2021 edition with François Dhaene
A trailrunning race and a cruise to discover most of the Dalmatian islands by hiking trails and sailing in comfort and private boat. As a bonus, the visit of historical cities such as Split, Korcula or Hvar.
Photos of the preparation of le Treg in Croatia
Run into the wild! 3 non-stop races with the added bonus of an incredible safari. Hikers and supporters are welcome.
The video of the Zakouma Safari Trail
Run between heaven and earth, with self-navigation by GPS inside the Simien National Park in Ethiopia, registered as a Unesco world heritage site.
All about the race in 3'
Run inside Escambray mountains in the center de Cuba with self-navigation by GPS. Trinidad town will be one of the highlights of your trip.
Photos of the preparation of Le Cuba Mountain Trail
Run in the desert, with self navigation by GPS inside the Great Western Erg around Timimoun, the red oasis surrounded by red earth ksars, palm trees and blond dunes.
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